Grassfed Chicken & Beef From Joel Salatin's Polyface Farms - The Most Famous Farmer In The World! As Seen In Time Magazine...
  • Our products come straight from Joel Salatin's world renowned Polyface Farm. Home of the grass-based farming method and 100% organic food production.
  • Joel Salatin is known as one of the most recognized experts in the world on healthy, all natural food production. He has been featured in Time Magazine, Smithsonian and two TedX talks.
  • Polyface farms has also appeared in National Geographic, best-selling books such as Omnivore's Dilemma and award winning documentary Food Inc.
  • Happy animals makes for tender, delicious chicken and beef. Joel raises his animals in a natural environment using his disturbance and rest process. Using this method creates a win-win - it allows for 100% organic meat production and heals the land.
  • We stand behind the quality of our products. So we're giving you our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • If this isn't the most delicious, mouth-watering chicken and beef you've ever tasted, we'll refund you every penny. AND we'll let you keep all the chicken and beef (feel free to give it away as a gift if you really don't like it).


There's literally nothing left for you to do after placing your order. Within 4 days, we'll deliver your fresh box of meat. Not only is it extremely rare to find meat this fresh anywhere else, we're bringing it directly to your doorstep.

No grain used.

ZERO grain is used to feed our animals. We use rotational grazing and take every possible step to ensure our cows and chickens stay healthy and happy. Unlike other brands that use unhealthy farming practices to save money, our #1 priority is health. No shortcuts. This is the way grass-fed was meant to be.


The average restaurant serves meat from 20 different sources. Most meat today is sold in bulk. Because many businesses prioritize cost over quality, your health suffers. We believe you deserve better. With Grass Fed Brands, you're getting the healthiest meat possible, from one reliable source. Polyface Farm.

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NBA Champion Caron Butler

The Truth About Meat

If you eat meat, your health is in danger.

Roughly 95% of meat sold in the U.S. comes from factory farms.

Unlike our farm, where cows spend their entire lives eating grass, factory farms rely on cheap grain, soy and other unhealthy supplements to cut costs.

While factory farming means cheap meat for consumers, the negative consequences are fatal.

You Are What Your Food Ate

You've probably heard the expression, you are what you eat.

But what few people understand is it's not just about what you eat -- it's what your food ate, too!

Instead of providing cows the healthy forage they love, factory farming uses nutrient-lacking "feedstuff" -- a nausea-inducing assortment of garbage, stale cookies, poultry manure, chicken feathers, bubble gum, and even restaurant waste.

As you'd expect, grain fed cows lack the essential nutrients found in grass fed cows. Nutrients such as Vitamin E, beta-carotene, and Vitamin C.

But it's not just about what grain fed meat is lacking; it's also about what it's giving you more of: bacteria.

1.Factory farming confines cows to tight spaces where they're unable to move, oftentimes standing in soil polluted by their own waste. This results in increased levels of stress and disease.

2.To counter this, factory farms inject their animals with chemical additives along with a constant, low-level dose of antibiotics. Some of these antibiotics are the same ones used in human medicine. .

3.As more cows are exposed to these medications, bacteria becomes resistant to them. And when the final product -- the meat -- reaches the consumer, it comes with infected new, disease-resistant bacteria. For some of which we don't even have medications available to treat

What You Oughta Know About Organic Meat

What about eating organic? Isn't that better?

Actually, yes. Organic meat IS better, but there's a catch.

What actually makes meat organic organic' is misleading. To become an official supplier of organic meat, all that's required is obtaining a paid-for label from the government.

That's right!

The current pass-fail system is a huge problem. Because instead of farms fighting to improve the nutritional value of their meat, all they got to do is meet the minimal standards.

But isn't nutrition what we're actually looking for?

We believe so.

If you do too, and you care about providing top tier meat that tastes great, we would love to welcome you to our Farmers Box family!

Introducing Farmers Box - The World's First "Beyond Organic" Meat!

At Farmers Box, we like to call ourselves "beyond organic".

While many farmers cut corners to maximize their quantity of meat, we go the extra mile to focus on our quality instead.

So what makes Farmers Box beyond organic?

Here's why we consider ourselves to be at the forefront of American sustainable farming:

  • We're Ecologically Productive. Nature knows best, so we mimic its divine circle of life on our farm. The fibrous grasses, plants, and shrubs that our cows eat turn into nutritious droppings, beloved by insects. Insects then become food for our chickens, who in turn produce valuable droppings that return nitrogen into the soil. Our process not only protects the land, it heals it too.
  • Our Cows Eat Fresh Salad Daily. Every day, we rotate our cows to new land to provide them with fresh and delicious forage. This process thickens the grass, reduces weeds, stimulates worm growth and overall, allows the land and its soil to flourish. Of course, it's responsible for raising healthy and happy cows too.
  • We're Nutritionally Superior. While other farms are cutting corners, we're taking extra steps to make sure our animals live long and happy lives with plenty of exercise and social activity. As a result, our meat production is nutritionally superior and contains an abundance of essential nutrients such as 300% more vitamin B2 (necessary for the right cell growth and function) than grain fed beef.
  • Grass-finished Only. Virtually all beef cattle are "grass-raised" because they begin their lives on grass, yet end up on a feedlot. But not ours. We're one of the few remaining farms in the US where our cows spend their entire lives on grass, as they should.
  • Leaders in Farm Technology. Just like how birds prefer to follow herbivores and biologically cleanse the land, we invented new and environmentally-friendly technology that assists nature with its already proven process. One of them is our "Eggmobile", portable hen house that follows cows in their rotation. This allows our laying hens to live free range, eating bugs and scratching through cattle droppings to sanitize the pasture!

We're your best source of meat not just because it's nutrient dense; not because it tastes good; not because it has delightful texture -- although all of those are also true.

Overall, we're your best source because we believe food can never be better than the farming that produces it. Because our farming is, in a good way, incomparable, so is our delicious meat!

Enjoy The "Fine Wine" of Meat, While You Can!

We believe in taking the extra time on our farm, and providing the much needed care to our planet, to bring you the "fine wine" of meat.

The end result?

Delicious... succulent... and mouth-watering meat that's good for your body -- made using sustainable farming methods that are good for our planet.

We're guaranteeing you'll be beyond satisfied with your order.

If not, let us know and we'll give you a full refund.

Because of the high demand of this meat, and only certain amount of animals on our farm, supplies are limited.

While we're working overtime to expand our production line, it takes time to do so in an ecologically friendly way.

"I drive to Joel's 150 miles one way in order to get clean meat for my family." V.K.

To be clear, this isn't meat you can find in your local grocery store; this is farm-raised meat that's normally only obtainable by visiting our farm in person.

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